History Of Weardale Holiday Home Park

Weardale Holiday Home Park, under the ownership and management of Simon and Jennifer since 1991, has undergone significant transformations over the past three decades. With their extensive knowledge of the park and a deep passion for its development, Simon and Jennifer have dedicated themselves to improving and re-spacing the park, ensuring an exceptional experience for visitors. 

In recent years, the caravan park welcomed a valuable addition to its team, Johnathan, whose enthusiasm and commitment have further fueled the family's drive to enhance the park. Together, as a united family, they have taken bold strides, such as renewing the roadway, enhancing the landscaping, and upgrading numerous services to elevate the overall quality of the park.

What sets Weardale Holiday Home Park apart is the family's hands-on approach to management. They take immense pride in maintaining the grounds to the highest standards and are readily available to cater to the needs and requirements of their valued holiday homeowners. This personal touch creates a warm and welcoming environment, where the owners feel valued and cared for.


Slit Wood, Westgate

Situated in Westgate, County Durham, the park holds a special significance as it serves as the gateway to Slit Wood, an ancient lead mine with a fascinating history. While the village was once serviced by a railway station, it has sadly closed down. However, traces of the old train track can still be observed on the opposite side of the river, running parallel to the park. This nod to the past adds a unique charm and historical appeal to Weardale Holiday Home Park, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

Visitors to the park can immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings, enjoying the tranquil ambience and the rich heritage of the area. The dedication and meticulous care demonstrated by the family ensure that every aspect of the park, from the landscaping to the services provided, is designed to exceed expectations.

Weardale Holiday Home Park remains committed to continuous improvement, and the family's unwavering passion ensures that guests can expect ongoing enhancements and updates. Whether it's the pursuit of excellence in customer service or the preservation of the park's natural beauty, the family behind Weardale Holiday Home Park is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

If you're looking for a sited caravan in County Durham, consider Weardale Holiday Home Park, where a warm welcome, impeccable grounds, and a wealth of natural and historical wonders await you. Experience the heartfelt hospitality and the idyllic setting that has made this park a cherished destination for holidaymakers seeking relaxation, adventure, and a true escape from the ordinary.